Silt Dreams

A curated exhibition featuring pieces responding to landscape
presented by the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Queensland


An exhibition of Pendants, Neckpieces and Earrings
presented by the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Queensland

Pin Swaps

I had the opportunity to participate in not one but TWO Pin Swaps this year. I had so much fun with both and I can’t believe I haven’t done this before. The anticipation was very high!
The first one was in July at the Edges, Borders, Gaps jewellery conference. That was an exercise in controlled chaos (is there such a thing!?!?) – a live event where you had to run around and figure out who’s pin you received and who received your pin.
My offering of the Milky Way in sawpierced titanium...

Shadow Seeker

‘If light is scarce, then light is scarce: we will immerse ourselves in the darkness and there discover its own particular beauty’
Tanizaki, J., In Praise of Shadows, 1933.

Market Anniversary

Then         and          Now

So this weekend marks three years since I launched the JesikaJack collection live to the world at the Byron Bay market! Thinking back to that rainy cold day with my leaky borrowed tent, I’m happy to say that since then every move has been a step forward – mostly!!

Brooching The Divide

Meet the most recent member of the Year of the Brooch clan…
'Brooching the Divide',  sterling silver, faux fur, silk fabric, silk thread, 2015

Texture Inspiration in Tasmania

It never ceases to amaze me how beauty can just sneak up and surprise you when you least expect it!

To Discount or Not To Discount

I’m still in the process of nailing down exactly what my business model is but I’ve worked out a few things that shape the sort of business I want to have. Transparency is a cornerstone for me and as a result I’ve chosen to not offer discounts. Seems like a strange leap but bear with me and I will explain how I got there!

Year of the Brooch

I have found that setting myself limitations actually allows me to be more creative. Confining myself forces me to focus on the elements available - to get the most out of them because, without a self-imposed constriction, I flit down every available path, wafting about, daydreaming up more and more ideas that don’t connect.

Meridian Lines

As part of my fascination with maps, the imaginary lines denoting structure/space such as longitude, latitude, equilateral, etc, have long intrigued me. While researching what a collective word would be I came across the term “meridian”.
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