An exhibition of Pendants, Neckpieces and Earrings
presented by the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Queensland
Well even though it’s still the year of the Brooch it appears some earrings have snuck into my world. Unfortunately brooches weren’t invited to this exhibition but there’s a silver lining as I haven’t really explored earrings in exhibition work before.
Earrings are an interesting challenge for me because unless you use precious stones they are usually perceived as being a smaller more affordable jewellery option. However, as a maker, two earrings equals twice as much time which means designs are often streamlined to keep labour costs down.
Well I thought it was time to turn that idea on it’s head so I let my imagination run wild and made seven pairs of big earrings, each with their own level of complexity.
Artist’s Statement
The act of connecting two points with a line, while firmly entrenched in mathematic and scientific applications, still has an absolute magical ability to transport our imagination to places and spaces beyond our present.
Using arcs to represent the Bones of the Cosmos, these earrings are created from playful imagination of galactic shapes in cosmic space.
Who knows maybe 2016 will be the Year of Earrings?!?!


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