March 2015

To Discount or Not To Discount

I’m still in the process of nailing down exactly what my business model is but I’ve worked out a few things that shape the sort of business I want to have. Transparency is a cornerstone for me and as a result I’ve chosen to not offer discounts. Seems like a strange leap but bear with me and I will explain how I got there!

Year of the Brooch

I have found that setting myself limitations actually allows me to be more creative. Confining myself forces me to focus on the elements available - to get the most out of them because, without a self-imposed constriction, I flit down every available path, wafting about, daydreaming up more and more ideas that don’t connect.

Meridian Lines

As part of my fascination with maps, the imaginary lines denoting structure/space such as longitude, latitude, equilateral, etc, have long intrigued me. While researching what a collective word would be I came across the term “meridian”.