Meridian Lines

As part of my fascination with maps, the imaginary lines denoting structure/space such as longitude, latitude, equilateral, etc, have long intrigued me. While researching what a collective word would be I came across the term “meridian”.
The definitions I was taken with were along the lines of...
  • Geography – a great circle of the earth passing through the poles and any given point on the earth’s surface
  • Astronomy – the great circle of the clelstial sphere that passes through its poles and the observer’s zenith.
  • Acupuncture – the pathways in the body along which vital energy flows.
While it doesn’t exactly fit the definition I’m after, meridian does relate to great circles and mapping. It also rolls off the tongue quite nicely. So, invoking artistic license, I began calling my rendition of structure-creating lines Meridian Lines.
Way back in my university days my first foray into playing with meridian lines resulted in this series of rings.
With a titanium version being added in a little down the track.
Last year saw the creation of the meridian pendant, using the meridian lines as a background setting for titanium zodiac constellation discs. Strung on ball chain and connected by a moonscape ‘catch’ this piece has a number of different ways to be worn. Stay tuned for a video showing the options!
The latest addition to the meridian collection are the Meridian Earrings. Also featuring zodiac constellation discs, these earrings are light weight to wear and make a lovely sound as the metals chime against each other.
I’m not finished with this collection yet so check back soon to see how the moonscape design is incorporated amongst other additions!


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