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Market Anniversary

Then         and          Now

So this weekend marks three years since I launched the JesikaJack collection live to the world at the Byron Bay market! Thinking back to that rainy cold day with my leaky borrowed tent, I’m happy to say that since then every move has been a step forward – mostly!!

To Discount or Not To Discount

I’m still in the process of nailing down exactly what my business model is but I’ve worked out a few things that shape the sort of business I want to have. Transparency is a cornerstone for me and as a result I’ve chosen to not offer discounts. Seems like a strange leap but bear with me and I will explain how I got there!

Production Mode

I love a plan. I love seeing the big picture and then filling in all the pieces to make it happen.
Back in the day I was a production manager for a couple of New York jewellery designers. Setting up systems for getting their work out by deadline was invaluable experience. A lot of it is common sense but I thought I’d share my process with you.
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