Places full of possibility, unmapped landscapes and soft, blurred geographies are ideas at the core of my contemporary jewellery practice.

My interest in creating wearable objects that catch the eye and lead to conversation about place and connectedness has resulted in a practice that often, but not solely, draws on imagery from the cosmos. A canopy of connectedness, the cosmos is everyone’s place and no-one’s place at the same time. An imagined place, it holds the promise of mystery, wonder, dreams and adventure.
Drawing on skills gained through formal training and honed over the past 20 years, I currently work out of my studio in Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia. In this beautiful part of the world I produce one-off pieces for exhibition alongside a number of collections available through my website and listed stockists.
My exhibition work often combines precious metal with fabric and fibre. Blending these materials together is a key element in my practice, utilised as a way to explore a tactile and relational response to our surroundings, whether they be physical, memory-based or imagined.
Work produced for my retail collections currently focuses on constellation-based designs. Each piece is handmade by myself using traditional metalsmithing techniques to manipulate sterling silver and titanium into wearable artworks.
So if you’re looking for a piece to take you out of the everyday, please have a look around and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Jesika Dawnn
May 2016