Year of the Brooch

I have found that setting myself limitations actually allows me to be more creative. Confining myself forces me to focus on the elements available - to get the most out of them because, without a self-imposed constriction, I flit down every available path, wafting about, daydreaming up more and more ideas that don’t connect.
Being as one of my goals this year was to jump back into producing work for exhibition submissions, I’ve ventured out of my comfort zone and decided that 2015 is to be the Year of the Brooch. In all my making time I have only ever made two brooches and both of them with manufactured pin backs, making me feel a bit like I cheated.
So the first cab off the rank is a series of three brooches: “Lost My Edge”, “Across The Border”, and “Mind The Gap”.
"Lost My Edge", sterling silver, silk fabric, 2015
"Across The Border", sterling silver, silk thread, 2015
"MInd TheGap", sterling silver, gauze
Artist Statement:
Created in response to the conference title, edgesbordersgaps, these 3 brooches illustrate the shift and flow of boundaries, both physically and politically.
Acknowledging the continuous movement of people, governments and the continents themselves, suggests that fixating on static territories is an outmoded way of thinking.
Breaking the world up and moving continents around is a way of illustrating that borders are only a construct, often created by those who wish to hold power over others.
Now that we as a planet are more connected than in previous eras it may be time to question these constructs and form a new unified way of viewing this planet and our place on it.
And here’s a little sneak peek at the process of working stuff out.
Believe me, what I ended up with what was not what I initially imagined. You think you have it all worked out in your head but when you actually sit at the bench with your tools and your materials, alternatives start jumping out at you. It’s a fine line to recognise what to keep and what to discard but I’ve found it’s always important to be open to something different – that’s often where the magic happens!



I love how you have come back to earth with this collection.(from the constellations!).and I'm inspired by the thoughts behind, (during, and after!) the making of these three brooches.... Great to see the process ! Every success with them and the 'Year of the Brooch !!

Thanks Bruce! It's been fun

Thanks Bruce!
It's been fun shaking things up and I'm keen to see what else falls down from the sky!!


Jesika these brooches are fantastic! These could be my favourite pieces of yours so far, and I know there is so much more to come!

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