Silt Dreams

A curated exhibition featuring pieces responding to landscape
presented by the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Queensland
“In the silt of dreams, ill-wishers were cutting off my exits until the one way out was up”
The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell
Silt: sediment suspended in water, metaphorically describes my current response to issues of place. The idea of suspension conjures impressions of being frozen and stuck but this is contested as the suspension occurs in water, which moves, flows and travels. Globally we are in a similar liminal zone, sitting in an
in-between place where much of what we take for granted is being shaken up. However this liminality is not a static area. It is an active place where exposure to a broader group of peoples and ideas can be approached with curiosity and wonder rather than fear and anxiety.
Drawing on those ideas I have created the Silt Dream series, three pendants that blend my immediate place with my global place in an embrace of connectedness. A bird bone, piece of seaweed and bundle of botanical dyed local flora are the objects I’ve chosen to represent my relationship with this current landscape I find myself in.
Silt Dreams - Bone
Silt Dreams - Brine
Silt Dreams - Bundle
Development Stages
Using bone, seaweed and fabric to dictate the structure of the pieces created a different thought process in the design stages and was an interesting way to work.

I was also able to put to use the eco dying skills learnt earlier in the year. The grey silk I ended up using came from camillias and iron (rusty nails).




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