Brooching The Divide

Meet the most recent member of the Year of the Brooch clan…
'Brooching the Divide',  sterling silver, faux fur, silk fabric, silk thread, 2015
A key attitude shaping my practice is the exploration of how we define ourselves by our surroundings and sense of belonging. The perspectives involved in this process are infinite and very subjective.
There are a number or reasons why I blend fabric and metal together, the main one being that I find fabric often has very strong links to emotion and memory. In this case, 'Brooching the Divide' uses faux fur to show the emotional joy found in our connection with beings very different from ourselves.


fabric & fur   ¦¦   outer & inner   ¦¦   dreams & reality   ¦¦    life & death   ¦¦   us & them

'Brooching the Divide' seeks to illustrate the idea that, while busy defining our place and ourselves, it is easy to forget that in the     us vs. them dichotomy we are connected at a fundamental level.






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