Who is Donna Greenberg?

Recently I was swept up into the Art Jewellery Challenge on facebook. Talk about art jewellery going viral!!
"Big Red Ring" - - coated copper wire, 2008, Erika Leitner workshop.

Lacerta Constellation

There are a lot of constellations up there so it's always nice when someone orders one I haven't made yet.
Recently I was commissioned to make Lacerta.

When a necklace doesn't want to be a necklace...

Recently I had a vision. A re-working of a previous necklace design - changing what I thought was a small detail to create an interesting variation. It's funny how we think we're in charge of things.

Contemporary Jewellery Fix

Kaori Juzu (Japan/Denmark) - left: 'Mare Nostrum', right: 'Mare Mea'
(photo from Gallery Funaki website)
This week I'm in Melbourne being inspired by Kaori Juzu's stunning work in the Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery exhibition being held at Gallery Funaki. Her use of enamel makes me want to go out a buy a kiln today!

"Over Your Head"


Nothing like an exhibition opening to get your creative juices flowing!



Thought it was time to mix things up a little so I submitted a piece to the "Over Your Head" exhibition being held at Stanley Street Gallery in Sydney.
Just goes to show it's worth trying something different as they accepted my piece!

Winter Markets Are Underway

I am super excited to have been accepted into five design markets over the next few months!!!!
First up is the Bowerbird Design Market in Adelaide.

Production Mode

I love a plan. I love seeing the big picture and then filling in all the pieces to make it happen.
Back in the day I was a production manager for a couple of New York jewellery designers. Setting up systems for getting their work out by deadline was invaluable experience. A lot of it is common sense but I thought I’d share my process with you.

Market Muffins

Byron Community markets are on tomorrow and I always like to have snacks on hand. Tomorrow’s featured snack is Plum and Cinnamon Muffins – Yum!!
Stop by and grab one – not sure how long they'll last though! Otherwise here’s the recipe. It’s from one of my favourite cookbooks, Wholefood” by Jude Blereau.

Lone Goat Gallery

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution of connections and conversations I’ve started volunteering at the Lone Goat Gallery.
The gallery was named in honour of Wategoat, the last remaining wild goat in the Cape Byron Headland Reserve.
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